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Our aim is to halt the ageing process and to turn the clock back, to rejuvenate and to make our patients look as young as they feel inside.

It is our philosophy to apply a holistic approach to every individual patient, and with a wide range of the most advanced non-surgical techniques, we strive to design a tailor-made cosmetic treatment plan for you.

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Dr. Nick Milojevic

One of the leading british aesthetic doctors Milo Clinic TV channel

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" Plastic fantastic: London’s best cosmetic surgeons..."

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" Smooth-talking Milojevic has one of the lightest touches on Harley Street. Botox is still going strong, he says; what’s changed is the volume used...."

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" Over the last couple of years , Dr Milojevic has been working very hard indeed at developing his techniques for non-surgical eye bag removal (“the tear trough”) procedure as well as his pioneering non surgical nose shaping with dermal fillers, an..."

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" The results were amazing and, after three years, I still haven't had to repeat the treatment. I'm not considering rhinoplasty any more..."

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" During our consultation (in which I spent much of the time surreptitiously looking as his nose) he interviewed me as much as I did him. Interestingly, he revealed that he often turns people down (“If a patient has unrealistic expectations or if the..."

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" Dr Nikola Milojevic, dubbed as the"Botox King" by the UK media, was recently interviewed on Sky News discussing the increasing new trend of treating excessive sweating with botox...."

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"Dr Milo, thank you for your patience and remarkable work. I feel ten years younger and now look amazing! I have recommended your cosmetic services to all my friends."

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Aesthetic Beauty Treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments and combine appropriate treatments after a personalised consultation with you.

Dr Milojevic Blog

Welcome to the pages of Milo Clinic Harley Street Medical Tourism.

After many years of work and experience in general and aesthetic medicine, we opened Milo Clinic on Harley street in London in 2005, and in March 2011, we opened our sister clinic in Zagreb, Polyclinic Milojevic. The Milo clinic, based in exclusive Harley Street in London, was regarded as one of the best clinics in the UK […]

Wrinkles on my skin and face. How did I get them? How to prevent that from happening? How do I treat them?

  My field of expertise is Aesthetic Medicine: Skin hygiene and treatment, Rejuvenation of face, skin and body, Wrinkle elimination, Restoration of lost facial plumpness and volume, Face beautification, Correction of facial proportions, etc. These are my everyday tasks but my mission is to achieve the results non-surgically, using the most modern techniques that leave […]

„I want to get rid of the tired look around my eyes!“ Well, come and have this revolutionary eyebag treatment!

„I want to get rid of the tired look around my eyes!“ is the most common request I get from my patients when they enter my clinic, literally. The eyebag treatment about which I am writing this blog is the quick fix answer, but it is a quick fix which leaves lasting and natural results. […]

Milo Clinic News

Everything you need to know about non-surgical eye bag removal

How tear trough filler can minimise the appearance of eye bags and shadows     In the past, going under the knife was the only aesthetic treatment for the removal of eye bags that many of us find problematic. However, in the last 10 years cosmetic doctors have invented new techniques to devise a non-surgical […]

Everything You Need To Know About Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Luxury online portal Sheerluxe.com has interview 3 leading aesthetic doctors about non surgical nose reshaping treatment. Dr Milojevic was asked several questions about this wow treatment. Why Would You Choose This Over Surgery? “We don’t take anything away; we don’t use a scalpel and there is no need for general anaesthetic and we can change things […]

Harper’s Bazaar: Everything you need to know about non-surgical body contouring

A leading aesthetic doctor answers all The body contouring market is only getting bigger. According to research from GlobalData, the market for non-invasive and minimally invasive fat reduction procedures is set to rise in value from around £500 million in 2015 to over £830 million by 2022. Arguably part and parcel of the ‘Kardashian effect’, […]

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