10 Years Younger

Dear bloggers and aesthetic news fans. To open up this news item, here are two famous quotes on ideas and stolen ideas:

“Eureka! – I have found it!” Archimedes (Mathematician and inventor of ancient Greece 280-211bc)

“Don’t worry about peaople stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats” Howard Aiken (American Computer engineer and mathematician 1900-1973)

Two famous quotes,  two famous mathematicians!

So what’s this got to do with me, the Milo clinic, medical aesthetics and most importantly 10 years younger?! Well let me explain…

My wife  tells me that I always come up with brilliant ideas, it’s just that I don’t always put them into practice quickly enough, or I just don’t “ram them down people’s throats”. It’s not just enough to have that “Eureka!” moment, but in this competitive modern world these “moments” have to be acted upon fast, and one piece of advice, keep them quiet until you do!

Here is an example of my profligacy: during the .COM boom, inspired by the ever growing success of the lastminute.com fenomenon, I asked a .COM  whizz kid friend whether bookitinadvance.com sounded like a good idea. “Brilliant!” he said. He tried to secure the domain name and many similar ones that same evening, only to find that somebdoy had just done it, that evening! Spooky? Or were we just not keeping our ideas quiet enough!? (We did meet in a pub!)

Well here’s the thing, a famous production company called Ricochet approached me about 18 months ago with a great idea. They asked  me whether I wanted to do a screen test for a TV presenting job on an aesthetics show similar to 10 Years Younger but with a much fresher concept . I did my research before doing the screen test, and found that this was a very reputable production company who have produced famous reality TV shows such as “Supernanny”.

Having done the screen test, I was delighted to be told that I was great on camera, and that in all probability I would be just the guy for the job! I have always had a secret desire to perform in front of a camera, and was naturally thrilled by the prospect! The idea sounded great, a show very similar like 10 Years Younger, the difference being that on each show we would have one “patient” who would have surgical procedures and procedures such as botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels, and the other “patient” would just have a “make-over” , you know things like a good haircut, great make-up, new clothes etc. At the end of the show, the “public” would decide, which “patient” looked more rejuvenated. I would be the presenter fighting the surgical/botox corner, and a famous male make-over presenter would fight the other. “We are approaching Channel 4 with the idea” said Ricochet.

Well for the fans of 10 Years Younger among you, all of this will sound very familiar. A few weeks ago, 10 Years Younger launched it’s new series in a big wave of publicity. Mylene Class was the beautiful new presenter, and the new concept? Yes you have guessed it, Channel 4 liked Ricochet’s idea so much, that they turned their idea down, and just “stole” it..

I spoke to Ricochet, who just said “That’s Showbusiness!”. And they are completely right! Am I bitter? No not at all. It was a fun idea, and many more are still to come…..�

26, March, 2009Grga Borac