Month: June 2010

Katie Price (aka Jordan) , THAT article!!!!

I just want to set the record straight….  If you read the recent Daily star article, which “quoted” some of my statements about Jordan’s supposed cosmetic treatments, you must know that there are many things in that article which I never said. Once again, these are products of Daily Star journalist’s rich imagination, and their […]

23, June, 2010neekmilo_x186r333

Milo clinic interviewed : City men increasingly seeking rejuvenating procedures

A City AM (a daily free newspaper) journalist interviewed me recently, asking me about the trends of surgical and cosmetic procedures men are increasingly seeking. I discussed many topics, including the tear trough treatment for eyebags, the increasingly popular “baby botox” and also the life changing “sweatox” treatment, which stops underarm and hand sweating . […]

21, June, 2010neekmilo_x186r333