Month: November 2011

These 5 great anti-aging procedures are perfect presents!

This list of amazing aesthetic procedures is guaranteed to give you that extra Christmas sparkle and to still make you look refreshed and healthy at the dawn of2012. Let’s banish the thoughts of the economic doom and gloom , with 5 simple and affordable “pick-me-up” steps to give you that extra “edge” for the upcoming party season […]

21, November, 2011neekmilo_x186r333

Vaser Lipo – The miracle of liposuction with better and more even results, done under local, and hardly any downtime!

Here is our latest coverage from the Croatian press, where Dr Milojevic now has his own regular column in a national magazine called : “Zdrav Život”, which means “Healthy Life”. This month, Dr Milojević discusses the different types of invasive and non-invasive body contouring technologies, and assesses which is the best. In a world of […]

10, November, 2011Grga Borac