Anti Ageing Skin Treatments

From around the age of 25, there is a 1% annual decrease in the production of collagen in your body – paving the way for ageing skin. Fine lines and the loss of volume, density and elasticity will begin to surface before deep set wrinkles appear.

There are several reasons why the ageing process presents itself.  A slower turnover in cell production within the epidermal layers of the skin mean that dryness and an uneven skin tone is likely. As the layer beings to age, over time it becomes incredibly sensitive to UV light.  Consequently, there is a drop in the speed of the skin’s immunity causing a slower healing time and an increase in minor skin infections.

The most notable signs of ageing are due to the size and number of lipid storing cells declining in the subdermal layers leading to deep set wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

There are many lifestyle habits that a person can adopt in order to delay the ageing process, including drinking plenty of water, eating a nutritious diet and implementing a quality skincare routine.

Dr Nick Milojevic is one of the leading experts in Europe for treating the ageing face. With extensive experience with over 30,000 performed cases of Botox and fillers over a period of 12 years, using a wide range of treatments, he uses his very own pioneering treatments and a combination of treatments, for a seamless prevention of ageing and treatment of the ageing face.

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