Dark Skin Problems Treatments

Flat-noseDarker skin tones can often be more sensitive to certain skin conditions than others.

Hyperpigmentation is when the skin produces too much pigment.  Too much pigment sees that permanent dark spots appear on the skin whereas too little pigment, known as Hypopigmentation, results in light coloured patches.  Both men and women who hold dark skin tones are at risk of developing Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation.

Among the most common types of pigmentation complications within dark skin is that of post – inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This transpires as a consequence of skin injury whether it be minor (such as a cut or graze) or more sever (such as a burn).  Skin pigmentation can also arise in concurrence with Eczema or Acne.

Those that have sensitive skin are at a greater risk of experiencing skin pigmentation problems and the use of rich products can often make the condition worse.  It is advised that those with skin pigmentation use a high factor sunscreen and even cover the skin in harsh sunlight.

We provide the following treatments for Dark Skin Problems:

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