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eyebags-dark-circlesBags under the eyes often occur with age and can be identified as a minor swelling and be puffy in appearance. Often the dark circles and indentations under the swelling are described as tear troughs.

As we age, the tissues that are formed around the eye weaken along with the muscles that provide support to the eyelids.  The fat that is held around the eye often falls towards the lower eyelids causing them to look puffy.  The space below the eye can also accumulate fluid, making the eyes look swollen. The eye bags are also often made to look worse because of the fat atrophy which occurs with ageing in the malar region below the eye.

As well as age, eye bags can occur from excessive crying, trauma, injuries and infections.

The Milo clinic is the best-known clinic in Europe for the non-surgical treatment of eye bags as tear troughs. With our generic placing on Google in the first place everywhere in the world, Dr Milojevic has cases referred to him from all over the world, as he is the “go to man” for this wonderful procedure we can easily say in the world, with people traveling in from the USA, Nigeria, Iceland, Qatar and from many other destinations from far and wide. It is also one of Dr Nick Milojevic s specially developed 3 wow treatments.

We provide the following treatments for Eyebags:

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