Frown Lines Treatments

frown-lines-frown-wrinklesFrown lines, sometimes known as Glabellar lines, commonly appear as two deep lines nested between the eyebrows or as horizontal lines that can be seen across the forehead.

Frown lines develop as a result of thinning skin around the affected area, sun damage and movements of the facial muscles – in particular, the procerus and corrugators.

Frown lines are a natural sign of ageing. The skin’s natural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, play an instrumental role in the skin’s youthful appearance. Over time and as we age, the rate at which these proteins replenish significantly decreases and our skin become less adaptable, therefore losing its elasticity.

The Milo clinic is the most reputable clinic for treating forehead lines. Dr Nick Milojevic is regarded as one of the leading doctors for applying botox treatments in the U.K. He has had wide-ranging recognition for this procedure and is often listed in top aesthetic doctor lists in magazines such as Tatler and Grazia, and the press has given the name Botox King. With over 25000 performed botox cases, the Milo clinic is the place to trust.

We provide the following treatments for Frown Lines:


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