Neck Lines Treatments

Neck lines take the form of horizontal folds across the neck and usually tend to deepen with age.

As we get older the skin around the neck weakens and becomes thin, visibly loose and develops wrinkles. It also loses collagen and elastin, two essential proteins to the skin’s architecture and appearance. This causes the skin to become more vulnerable to damaging outside factors. The thin skin also becomes looser around the muscle, making is sag.

The neck contains thinner skin than the face, causing it to age faster. Lines and wrinkles can form more easily on the thin skin of the neck. The muscles and skin tissue that supports the neck are also weaker than that of the face, make it more susceptible to gravity.

In order to slow down the incurrence of neck lines, it is crucial to pay just as much attention to your neck in your skincare routine as you do to your face.


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