Nose To Mouth Line Treatments

lip-lines-smokers-lines-nosNose to mouth lines are creases that appear between the corner of the nostril and the corner of the mouth. They are also known as the nasolabial lines. These folds are often the first sign of facial ageing and usually start to appear in our thirties and forties.

When we are young, our faces have plump cheeks thanks to a structure called the malar fat pad. But as we age our face becomes lax due to loss of fat and atrophy, and our cheek skin tends to drape over the nasolabial line. This causes the face to look tired and worn. Repeated smiling and facial expressions can also deepen this line throughout life.

The Milo clinic is one of the leading centres for treating the nose to mouth lines as well as treating sunken cheeks, with thousands of successfully performed cases and happy patients spanning over a decade. Using our specially devised techniques and combinations of treatments  using dermal fillers, our hard work has been recognized by patients and the press. Tatler magazine has named us in the top aesthetic doctors list in the U.K. For dermal fillers many years in a row.

We provide the following treatments for Nose To Mouth Line:


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