Sun Damaged Skin Treatments

Sun damaged skin, also referred to as photo damaged skin, occurs when excessive sun exposure causes the unprotected areas to become dry, depriving it of lubricating oils.  The sun’s powerful UV light has the capacity to burn the skin and manipulate its structure.

Sun damaged skin can present itself in several ways. The skin can begin to look incredibly dry and flake. It can also prematurely wrinkle, even in younger generations.

Perhaps the most commonly known skin damage is that of sunburn. Sunburn happens immediately after the sun is exposed to excessive UV light, especially if unprotected.  In most cases, the skin becomes red and very dry.  In severe cases, the skin can produce pockets of fluid known as vesicles or blisters.

Frequent sun exposure can cause a condition known as actinic keratosis, which can emerge as a small bump that can feel like sandpaper or a steady patch of peeling skin that features a sharp or jagged surface. Actinic keratosis is usually the size of a small spot and red in colour.

Sun damage can provoke long term distortion in the skin as it affects the skin’s collagen. Consequently, fine lines appear, as well as a thickened skin texture and even bruising of the area, especially in the back of the hands and forearms.

Our sun damaged skin treatments ensure your skin gets the goodness it needs to stay supple and recover from photo damage.


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