Sunken Cheeks Treatments

aging-skin-sagging-skinSunken cheeks can occur as a part of the initial ageing process as well as weight loss and illness. Sunken cheeks materialize as a result of the loss of subcutaneous fat around the mouth and eyes. The natural bone structure remains intact whilst the cheeks sink in appearance.

The constant smoking of tobacco as well as exposure to harsh weather conditions, can also demolish the nutrients within the blood vessels which causes them to lose elasticity. Other factors that can contribute to sunken cheeks include poor diet, dehydration and extreme exercise. In serious cases, sunken cheeks can indicate chronic illness and serious health conditions such as cancer, bulimia and tuberculosis.

Sunken cheeks can be found in both men and women.

The Milo clinic is the best choice for treatment of sunken cheeks, as Dr Milojevic is regarded as a leading authority in the shaping of the face using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, having attended and indeed presented at many world conferences and educational meetings, and with the use of his own Butterfly facelift technique as well as using leading methods such as the famous MD Codes as defined by the famous Brazillian plastic surgeon, Mauricio de Maio.

We provide the following treatments for Sunken Cheeks:

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