Sweaty Feet Treatments

Excessively sweaty feet are triggered by a condition called primary focal hyperhidrosis. This condition causes people to suffer from uncontrollable sweating from localised areas in their body and can also affect the hands and underarms.

While sweaty feet are not usually a sign of disease, they can lead to additional problems such as athlete’s foot, plantar warts or other skin conditions.

Feet in general tend to release quite a high amount of sweat, with each foot usually producing about half a pint of moisture each day. For most people this sweat evaporates quickly, but for others the sweat can get trapped in the glands, allowing bacteria to grow. This can become an issue in someone who is prone to excessive sweating.

Uncontrollable sweating on the soles of the feet can lead to other symptoms including foot odour, itchy feet, toenail fungus and clamminess.

There are a number of reasons why our feet sweat. Apart from physical exercise, sweaty feet are said to be hereditary. Toxicity levels may also cause sweaty feet. Foods high in saturated fats and alcohol can create toxins that build up in your body and cause you to sweat.

Experts believe that this condition may also be related to the sympathetic nervous system.

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