Everything You Need To Know About Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Luxury online portal Sheerluxe.com has interview 3 leading aesthetic doctors about non surgical nose reshaping treatment. Dr Milojevic was asked several questions about this wow treatment.

Why Would You Choose This Over Surgery?

“We don’t take anything away; we don’t use a scalpel and there is no need for general anaesthetic and we can change things if you’re unhappy,” says Dr Nick Milojevic, doctor and own of the Milo Clinic. “In my opinion, traditional nose jobs are one of the most difficult operations in aesthetic surgery because often things go wrong and people don’t like their finished result, whereas with this, there is no permanency, it’s a lunchtime procedure, quick and relatively painless using very thin needles. There’s also no downtime, it takes ten minutes max in some cases, and you’ll instantly see the benefits, it’s a real ‘wow’ moment when you look in the mirror post-treatment.”

Be Honest, Is It Really Not Painful?

“The pain really is minimal, in fact, my patients regularly comment on how it hurts much less than they expected,” assures Milojevic. “At most it’ll feel like little mosquito bites, but that’s it, it’s also very quick so you barely have time to consider what’s happening. It’s also worth knowing that the hyaluronic acid is formulated with an aesthetic, so after the initial injection, the areas of treatment become numb anyway.”

And Most Importantly, How Reliable Is The Treatment?

“It’s incredibly safe,” assures Milojevic. “I’ve done three or four thousand cases and all my patients have been incredibly happy. Aside from a little bruising or swelling, we’ve never seen any serious sides effects, of course allergic reactions are possible, but providing you’re seeing a reputable doctor at a reputable clinic, you’ll be absolutely fine.”

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