Gordon Ramsey admits to having his wrinkles zapped!

Breaking News! Gordon Ramsey recently admitted to having  botox ! I never thought I would see the day!

Gordon is quoted as saying ““Anyway, I was getting a complex for the first time in my life, so I did it. Botox. A jab here and one here. And no one has f****** noticed.”

My patients have so often used Gordon as an example of how they do NOT  want their wrinkles to look! His signature  furrowed brow has become famous the world over. All those hours in hot steamy kitchens, hot sunny holidays and a tough life to boot had taken their toll.  And now he has done it!

A high profile “frowner” such as Gordon Ramsey having botox  is yet again proof of the increasing trend of “boytox” or “mantox” , where men are catching up women fast in the botox stakes. Men just don’t want to look older than women any more. They are all reaching out for these “new age” facial steam irons..

See the interview on Channel 5 news with Dr Milojevic talking about “boytox”.

So yet again botox to the rescue!

Open letter to Gordon Ramsey from the Milo clinic:

Dear Gordon,

We hope that you are well.

If you want your botox done by the best, most experienced doctor in London, we invite you to come and see our very own “Botox King” , Dr Nick Milojevic at the Milo clinic.

And Mr Ramsey,  if you present a copy of this blog when you book your appointment, you’ll get your botox for half price.   ;0)

We look forward to welcoming you to the Milo clinic soon

Yours Sincerely

Milo clinic

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