Jennifer Anniston, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow , Sarah Jessica Parker: Dr Milojevic comments on all their “natural tweaks” in the latest Daily Mail article

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Please follow the link above an you will go straight through to the latest Daily mail newspaper article , in which Dr Milojevic was asked to comment on several of our top celebs and their increasingly youthful and yet quite natural looking appearances.

Here are some of his comments from the article:

JENNIFER ANNISTON (A long time favourite actress of ours, we have loved her since her days in Friends)

Dr Milojevic says: ‘Jen looks great and never seems to age, keeping her appearance looking fresh and youthful.

‘It looks as though she has regular Botox around her eyes and in her forehead as it’s very wrinkle-free. It also appears she’s had neckline Botox to keep her decolletage tight and unlined.’

GWYNETH PALTROW (Another favourite, and our very own living in London)

Nick Milojevic  says: ‘I would say Gwyneth Paltrow has had a subtle dose of baby Botox.

‘Gwyneth is naturally beautiful but considering she’s 37 it is possible that she’s had cheek fillers to plump and smooth the skin and also a non-surgical neck lift to tighten the skin beneath her neck.’

SARAH JESSICA PARKER (Sex in the City star)

But Dr Milojevic believes: ‘Although Sarah Jessica Parker looks fantastic and natural, she has almost certainly had Botox in the “frown” lines on the brow and around the eyes.

‘I would say she has possibly had Botox on her jawline as her jaw is distinctively defined and the skin taut in that area.

‘She may have also had fillers in her cheeks, which look rounder than I’d expect on someone with a face as narrow as hers.

‘To keep her skin looking so fresh and bright she may occasionally have chemical peels such as Obagi Blue peel or dermal roller treatment.’

VICTORIA BECKHAM (need we say more)

And despite claiming only her ‘tan and nails’ are fake, Victoria Beckham, 36, seems to have altered dramatically since starting out with the Spice Girls.

Dr Milojevic says:’Victoria Beckham appears to have had more non-surgical treatments than the other celebrities; she is so different from when she started out with Spice Girls.

Weight loss has played a big part in her changing appearance and she is reported to have had laser lypolysis for body contouring, though I don’t believe this has ever been confirmed.

‘She looks to have had Botox, and possibly a non-surgical eyebrow lift which is a combination of dermal fillers and Botox to achieve statement brows.

‘I’m aware that Victoria has had problems with her skin and to keep it looking rejuvenated and fresh I would imagine she has had a mix of medial microdermabrasion and peels to keep her skin radiant and blemish free. ‘

The journalists writing this piece coined a phrase : THE NO TRACE FACE, and we agree, even though these 4 favourite household names have had lots of aesthetic work done , this can only be detected by the professional eye. And this encompasses and confirms all that is good about medical minimally invasive aesthetics… If done by a good and experienced doctor, the results can be perfectly natural. However, as you will see the Daily Mail article goes on to show how , unfortunately there are lots of famous stars out there who were not lucky enough to fall in the hands of a competent and experienced specialist!

As Dr Milojevic put it in his final comment for the article:

‘The beauty of non-surgical treatments is that if they are done well they give a fantastically natural look, leaving patients looking fresher, younger and more healthy without any obvious traces of a doctor’s needle.”

And so say all of us….

ps Well done David Cameron, and good luck as PM! I am sure that you will do a great job for the country…

Read more:—perfect-A-lister-needs-look-good-appearing-pinched-puffed.html#ixzz0odOiJ6VM

22, May, 2010Grga Borac