Linda Evans Cosmetic Surgery?

Linda Evans has made a real splash on this years Hell’s Kitchen, and it’s not just her cooking which has attracted attention. Our favourite Dynasty star is still looking very young indeed, or is it too young?? Dynasty did finish it’s run some 20 years ago, and even back then she was married to an ailing Blake Carrington… Has she had some help? Does she look good? Has she had too much work done? Is it plastic surgery?

These were just some of the questions posed to our very own Dr Nick Milojevic, by one of UK’s glossy magazines. These were some of his comments:

“She has had her lips enhanced, especially the top lip with a dermal filler such as restylane or juvederm, although from the unnatural look to her lip she may have even had a permanent implant which is rarely done in the UK these days.  She has probably had this procedure done many times over the years, and in my opinion it had been overdone. The lips look unnatural and out of proportion. She should have had a hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane, but less often and smaller doses.

She has also had her nasolabial lines done (nose to mouth lines) with a dermal filler such as perlane, and this has been done very well. She has also obviously had regular botox over the years, and this not too bad at all.

 She looks to have had a permanent chin implant, which with her aging face has now given her that “witchy look”, which is a very aging sign. Her face does not suit a chin enhancement, and if anything was done at all, she should have had non permamanent hyaluronic acid filler only , which as she ages can be re injected correctly in order to suit her changing facial features.

She has definitely had her cheeks over filled, and has that “apple cheeked” look which seems so popular in the States. Over here we use non permamnent fillers such as Restylane, or slightly longer lasting ones such as Sculptra in order to achieve a non surgical facelift which is natural and which can move and change with the aging face. 

She has also almost certainly had a face-lift, which has been done very well as well as a nose operation  whcich has also been carried out very well indeed. She has also had a surgical correction to her upper and lower eye bags.

She has certainly had a lot of work done on her neck and decolettage areas, and this all looks very good on the photographs. These treatments could have included laser rejuvenation and removal of any pigmentations, botox to the neck to get rid of the “turkey neck ” look, restylane vital hyaluronic acid treatment to rejuvenate the skin generally and possibly a surgical neck lift.

She has had many procedures and quite often over the years, and even though it has given her a slightly “fake youth” look, she looks good overall, and none of her procedures are dangerous, unless silicone substances were used. Linda shouldn’t have any more sugical procedures in the future as she is risking looking overdone. Simple maintenance with non-surgical solutions such as botox or dermal fillers would be best.”

Literally while we write this news blog, Linda Evans just appeared in the bottom two of Hell’s Kitchen, and was saved and fights to cook another dish on another day, to the delight of Marco Pierre White, no less…

From everyone at the Milo clinic, Linda we wish you good luck!




24, April, 2009Grga Borac