Milo Clinic in Grazia Magazine– The Rise of the Tweakment

We are proud to inform you that Dr Milojevic and the Milo clinic were featured in last week’s Health and Beauty section of the Grazia magazine on page 136.

Over the last couple of years , Dr Milojevic has been working very hard indeed at developing his techniques for non-surgical eye bag removal (“the tear trough”) procedure as well as his pioneering non surgical nose shaping with dermal fillers, and he is now recognised by the national press as THE leading expert for these two procedures in the UK. These are two procedures with the wow-factor, which can achieve results which were previoulsy deemed only possible through surgical procedures.  Dr Milojevic recently gave a press briefing to 20 of UK’s leading journalists on these two procedures, so look out for many more articles featuring Dr Milojevic in the weeks to come.

Dr Milojevic is now being asked to travel the country and the world to teach and lecture on these procedures.

The journalist who wrote the famous article “The rise of the pillow face”, named this article, “The rise of the Tweakment”, a clever play of words, calling these risk and surgery free “tweaks”, which make a big big difference.

You can read more about these procedures on our pages on: and

As a result of this article, our telephones have not stopped ringing, making an already overbooked clinic even busier. So as an apology to everyone, we are sorry that our waiting lists have somewhat increased,  but we do hope that you will see that it was well worth waiting for. We are of course working very hard indeed to open up extra dates and clinics to acommodate everyone.

31, March, 2010Grga Borac