Obagi Nu Derm and Blue peels , a true skin miracle

“Though it may have passed many readers by, to millions of women it is, quite simply, the most famous face peel in history. It occurs in episode 71 of Sex And The City, when the man-eater Samantha, determined to look fabulous for her friend Carrie’s glamorous book-launch party, decides to have a chemical peel. ” Daily Mail

As it turns out, Samantha didn’t do her research or read her consent form properly, where she would have found that there IS some downtime involved, and you can imagine how the party went!

All great fun but joking aside, I was glad to see this Amanda Platell feature at the beginning of this month,  as I have been so excited about Obagi treatments for quite some time. Amanda Platell is a well known TV and newspaper journalist, and she was treated with Obagi creams and the blue peel and she wrote about her experiences in the Daily Mail . It was a brilliant article, and Amanda from all accounts is thrilled with her results. As a criticism of the article, the before and after photos were really not very good at all, but the article does illustrate  the magic of Obagi perfectly!

For the full article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/beauty/article-1197162/AMANDA-PLATELL-Ill-try-look-young-Im-blue-face.html

Obagi truly is a miracle for the skin. Just 6-12 weeks of using the obagi creams can quite literally give the patient new skin, removing all blemishes, pigmentations, scarring, pores, thickened skin, fine lines and it’s not a myth, the skin does look 10-20 years younger as a result. The treatment removes the old dead outer layer of skin and allows the new collagen rich skin to come to the fore.

It is safer, more versatile and gets results which are incomparably better than the other chemical peels on the market.

As Amanda says, “I’ll try to look younger until I’m blue in the face”, and yes you can look a little bit like a Smurf or a Blue Man Group member straight after the treatment, but most of this will be removed before you leave the clinic. But don’t book any chic parties for a few days after the peel, as your old skin will be “leaving” you for a few days. A week or so after the peel however, you will be the Belle of the ball with your glowing perfect skin! I know that you probably think I am exaggerating, but trust me it is that good!

For more information on Obagi : https://www.miloclinic.com/treatments/obagi-chemical-peels.aspx

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