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Welcome to the pages of Milo Clinic Harley Street Medical Tourism.

After many years of work and experience in general and aesthetic medicine, we opened Milo Clinic on Harley street in London in 2005, and in March 2011, we opened our sister clinic in Zagreb, Polyclinic Milojevic.

The Milo clinic, based in exclusive Harley Street in London, was regarded as one of the best clinics in the UK and indeed Europe for many years, for aesthetic treatments such as Botox for wrinkle removal, and dermal fillers for rejuvenation, volume replacement, and beautification. Thousands of happy patients came through our doors from 2005 until 2020, and the reputation of Milo Clinic, and of Dr. Nikola Milojevic was growing all the time. Many had heard of Dr. Milo’s (as his patients fondly called him) skills as a doctor, his light hand, and his artistic feeling. He was famed for his natural results, and he was the most famous in the UK for treatments such as Botox, nose shaping, and eye bags.


Unfortunately, with the 2 years which we all seemingly lost during the COVID pandemic, Dr. Milojevic was not able to travel to London, and with a heavy heart, he had to take a very difficult decision to close Milo Clinic in Harley street at least for now. There has been an outpouring of sentiment from our wonderful and loyal patients, a lot of whom had been coming for Botox and filler treatments to Dr. Milojevic in the UK for almost 20 years.

However, many of our UK patients have already started booking their plane tickets to wonderful Zagreb in Croatia, and to visit our modern and state-of-the-art clinic, Poliklinika Milojevic.

We now offer all of our treatments from our location in Croatia, and indeed it is really a short flight from the UK or anywhere in Europe. Why should you visit us in Croatia?

  • Patients used to visit Dr. Milojevic in Harley street in the UK from all over Europe, so why not in Croatia, where we have a modern new hub airport, and cheap flights available
  • Dr. Nikola Milojevic is one of Europe’s leading aesthetic doctors, with over 50,000 performed Botox and dermal filler treatments, and with the TAMC congress, one of the leading world aesthetic congresses, he is now one of the most famous and go-to doctors for Botox, fillers, blood plasma, and lasers.
  • Zagreb is a charming Austro-Hungarian city, similar to Prague and Budapest, and the Croatian coast is only 2 hours away, so cities like Dubrovnik, Split, and Rovinj are a short ride away.
  • So why not combine Dr. Milojevic’s world-renowned expertise and second-to-none rejuvenation results on the face and body, and a beautiful weekend or week holiday in Croatia. Just contact us and we can arrange your whole trip, from flights to hotels and even excursions to the coast. You will have a great time and you will be rejuvenated from the inside out.
  • Poliklinika Milojevic is a beautiful, modern and state-of-the-art clinic. Just take a look at our photos! We offer a huge array of machines for the face and body, including amazing machines like Emsculpt for toning the muscles of the body, CoolSculpting for fat removal, Soprano Titanium for laser hair removal, PIQO 4 FROM LUMENIS for tattoo removal and pigmentation. And the point is that prices for these treatments, as well as Botox, fillers, skinpen and blood plasma are up to 50% cheaper in Croatia than in the UK. In addition, we offer Vaser Lipo liposuction, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, silicone breast enlargement, mole removal, and other aesthetic surgery procedures for much lower prices than in the UK. Just contact us, and our wonderful staff who speak perfect English will take care of everything for you.

We have renamed our beloved Milo Clinic, to Milo Clinic Harley Street Medical Tourism, as we feel that the heart and soul of our Harley street clinic now live on in a much more modern and beautiful clinic, in a beautiful country called Croatia, which is not far away at all in these modern times when we travel a lot anyway. So book your tickets for the most wonderful weekend or holiday ever!

Here are a few more details about our clinic, but you can find a lot more details on this website or on the following link which is our Croatian website in the English language.

Our aim is to halt the aging process and to turn the clock back, to rejuvenate, and make our patients look as young as they feel inside.

It is our philosophy to apply a holistic approach to every individual patient, and with a wide range of the most advanced non-surgical and surgical techniques, we strive to design a tailor-made treatment plan for you. Poliklinika Milojević is the most modern anti-aging clinic in the wider region, dedicated to working in the fields of aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery. Using the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies, we offer the most up-to-date treatments and procedures for the rejuvenation of the face, body, and mind.

We believe that aesthetic medicine, which is growing and developing rapidly, is the natural partner and indeed the future of aesthetic plastic surgery itself. We are very proud that in England and the wider region, for many years we were using the most modern aesthetic procedures, techniques, and technologies, such as non-surgical eye bag removal and nose shaping, facelift as well as many other modern aesthetic treatments such as the “skin refiner” (combination treatment of restylane vital skin boosters, and the dermal roller).

Our ambition (and passion) is to promote natural beauty, and aim not just to treat our patients medically but also artistically. By using the most cutting-edge methods of aesthetic medicine, we strive to help each individual patient to look young and to feel content.

Our main specialty is aesthetic medicine which encompasses many minimally invasive and nonsurgical procedures. We feel that it is very important that in this fast-paced modern world a patient can come in for a quick “lunch time” treatment, and that they can return to work after a 10-15 minute procedure undisturbed and without significant side effects.

With our modern anti-aging methods, it is important to start early as this is the best way of preventing the aging process and indeed is the best way to gain natural long-term results so that even your best friends and family will not guess that you had an aesthetic procedure.
Our main tools are Botox and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. They erase and prevent wrinkles, and they correct volume loss and sagging skin. It is also very important that we pay attention to the actual aging of the skin and its loss of elasticity, and also scars, pores, capillaries, and pigmentations. For these problems, we use the most modern lasers, Obagi creams, and chemical peels.


We feel that in the very near future, it will be just as normal to visit an anti-aging doctor for a small aesthetic procedure, as it is now normal to visit your hairdresser or a dentist.
And that is not all! Along with the experience of over 50,000 Botox and dermal filler procedures and our most modern laser center at Polyclinic Milojevic, we also offer the services of some of the most eminent Croatian and European experts in the field of Plastic surgery, who carry out surgeries such as blepharoplasty, mole removal, and liposuction. So why not fly out to beautiful Croatia for an aesthetic holiday!

On this website you will have the opportunity to choose the procedures most ideal for you, and Dr. Milojevic and his team will take care of the rest!


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