The Sun: How the Love Islanders body shape has changed since the original show

LOVE Island is back, and the women are bronzer and the men have more muscles and less body hair than ever before.

The stunning swimsuit-clad line-up is enough to make you want to actually step in the gym for the first time in ages… but the crowd look a far cry from the show’s first ever cast back in 2005.

The original contestants of Love Island 2018

The current contestants makes the original Celebrity Love Island, which aired on ITV in 2005, look less sculptured in comparison.

The first show, hosted by Patrick Kielty and Kelly Brook (though Fearne Cotton took over for series two), involved 12 celebs being flown to a tropical island in Fiji for the ‘ultimate summer of love’.

Back then several viewers questioned the ‘celebrity status’ of the participants involved (they don’t seem too bothered these days) and criticised them for being boring.

Some of the key players were busty blonde Abi Titmuss, Rebecca Loos, Paul Danan and Calum Best.

The stunning girls certainly ruffled feathers when they started on the show


Now the tans are bronzer and the girls definitely know how to work their angles for Instagram

While the 2005 crew were already in the public eye, most of the current Love Island crew were selected for their looks or personality from Instagram or being scouted from clubs or even Tinder.

Harley Street Dr Nick Milojevic of the Milo Clinic told the Sun Online: “Body shapes have definitely changed not only on reality TV but in real life.

“Looking at the Love island contestants from 2005 they are quite natural and understated, and fast forward to 2018 the men are all sculpted, and the women are a lot more skinny and built.

“For the modern day women larger breasts have become a lot more important, as well as this having bum augmentation has become hugely popular since the Kardashians have been on our screens.

“It’s evident that both women and men are caring a lot more about what they look like and this is down to these cultural pressures we see on younger women and men these days.”


In 2005 Celebrity Love Island launched and a host of hot male stars were selected for the villa of love


Over 100,000 hot stars applied for this year’s show, and the men appear to have been selected for their chiselled abs and rippling muscles

Dr Nick said that social media pressures, selfie culture and gym culture are all elements that have given young people an idealistic image of what we should look like.

He added: “The main treatments we are seeing rise in popularity are lip augmentation, which has again been influenced by the Kardashians, Kylie in particular and its becoming increasingly more normal to have lip treatments where as back in 2005 it may look out of place in that time and culture.

Liz McClarnon was also on Celebrity Love Island in 2005

“Gym culture has had a huge impact on the changing bodies, in today’s selfie-obsessed society, both women and men are much more conscious about what they look like and how they are portrayed.

“So working out and eating healthy has increased hugely over the last five years to a point where it may be unusual if you are not a gym goer.

“You can see this is quite evident from the Love Island contestants, the ones in todays show are all toned and well built.”

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