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Prof. dr Boško Milojević – Pioneer and one of the co-creators of modern aesthetic surgery and medicine – 50 years of tradition of the Milo Clinic

  THE DOCUMENTARY ABOUT PROF BOSKO MILOJEVIC   It is difficult to truly describe my father, Prof. dr Bosko Milojevic, within just one blog. He was a special man, a great man, a visionary, a one in a million, touched by a kind of magic, and destined to be the best. We recently celebrated the […]

29, June, 2017neekmilo_x186r333

Interview in Aesthetics, surgery and Cosmetics magazine

Continuing with Dr Milojevic’s press coverage in Croatia, as part of opening his new clinic in Zagreb, Dr Milojevic gave an interview to a magazine called: “Estetika, Kirurigija & Kozmetika”, and the title needs no translation! The magazine is a fresh new look at the world of aesthetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery in general. […]

01, December, 2011Grga Borac