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Harley Medical Group Party

Last Friday Dr Nick Milojevic attended the annual Harley Medical Group Christmas party held at The Law Society in London. As well as running his own Milo Clinic , Dr Milojevic is also still one of the leading aesthetic doctors for the Harley Medical group. ” The night was a great success. Great venue , great […]

10, December, 2008Grga Borac

The Botox Credit Crunch?

What a weird and confusing time we are living in! The global financial crisis, the credit crunch , the banking collapse, stocks and shares plummeting as fast as a lead balloon….. In the past week the FTSE 100 share index and the DOW JONES index have fallen at the fastest rate ever and words like “unprescendented” […]

11, October, 2008neekmilo_x186r333