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Marie Claire interview-Dr Milojevic discussing the worrying trend of online DIY injections

Last month, Dr Milojevic was interviewed in Marie Claire magazine, and discussed the worrying trend of online DIY BOTOX. So what is DIY botox or  aesthetic treatments such as the “self injection” of dermal fillers? It  is  the worrying advent, of recession hit patients  turning to search engines in order to find botox they can buy themselves […]

31, January, 2010Grga Borac

Dr Milojevic discusses the terrifying concept of DIY botox in September’s issue of Company Magazine

In September’s issue of the Company magazine, Dr Nick Milojevic gave an in depth interview discussing the terrifying advent of websites promoting DIY botox. These are websites selling cheap, stolen and quite probably contaminated botox, and they come with face maps, needles and syringes, telling the prospective DIY patient where and how to inject the toxin. E-Bay […]

23, August, 2009Grga Borac