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Why do politicians sweat so much? The Guardian Newspaper article

Below is today’s article in the Guardian Newspaper asking the question : “Why do politicians sweat so much?” Triggered by sweaty politicians trying to explain away the Lockerbie fiasco, the Guardian reporter called us asking what does cause sweating, and is botox really the answer?  Our very own Dr Nick Milojevic (the eagle eyed readers among […]

03, September, 2009Grga Borac

Excessive sweating

Dr. Milo was interviewed for an article on excessive sweating, which featured in this month’s Woman magazine. Why we sweat We all sweat – it’s a fact of life, but 70 per cent of us worry about it. Sweating is the body’s cooling mechanism and is essential to everyday life. Across the skin are some […]

15, July, 2007Grga Borac