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The Daily Mail – Latest Milo clinic press coverage – Dr Nick Milojevic comments on Helen Mirren’s new look

Oh and another thing, we wish that these journalists would start getting our doctor’s surname right!! It is Milojevic, and NOT Milojovic as this article would have it… Shame, we googled it, and Dr Nick Milojevic’s name was misspelt from Biejing to Mumbai, as the world’s press carried this story!!

27, October, 2012Grga Borac

Plastic Surgery Abroad– 5 star medical aesthetic tourism with a difference

Below is a favourite old blog, which I have updated a little. We now have clinics in both Harley street and in Zagreb, Croatia, so our 5 star aesthetic medical tourism is very much up and running, and what a success it has been! Here is the updated blog: As promised in my last blog […]

09, June, 2011neekmilo_x186r333

Linda Evans Cosmetic Surgery?

Linda Evans has made a real splash on this years Hell’s Kitchen, and it’s not just her cooking which has attracted attention. Our favourite Dynasty star is still looking very young indeed, or is it too young?? Dynasty did finish it’s run some 20 years ago, and even back then she was married to an […]

24, April, 2009Grga Borac