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Glamour Magazine: This is what having your lip filler dissolved actually involves

Ooooo interesting… Blame it on Kylie Jenner, or our love for plump, pillowy, matte pouts, but ‘lip fillers’ has been one of Google’s top beauty search terms for quite some time. But since Miss Jenner recently had her filler ‘dissolved’, are we about to see a return of natural lips and the removal of fillers? […]

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You Magazine: What is hyaluronic acid good for? We asked the experts

When it comes to buzzed about beauty ingredients, hyaluronic acid is much more than a fad, in fact it’s become a mainstay in our skincare arsenal. But if someone asked you to explain precisely what hyaluronic acid is, and what it’s good for, would you know? We spoke to leading UK aesthetic doctor, Dr Nick Milojevic […]

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Eyebags, big nose, loose skin around the neck? The nonsurgical nose job, the tear trough procedure and the Nefertiti neck lift are the answers..

The fast paced world of non-surgical aesthetic procedures becomes ever more magical with every month that passes by. From a BACD meeting in Nice, an IMCAS meeting in Paris, to the Anti- Aging show in Las Vegas; new procedures and techniques are being constantly invented and developed, and the non-surgical world is emerging as the […]

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What is the best Dermal Filler?

I have wanted to write this blog for a long time , about botox’s slightly less famous but equally brilliant brother. Dermal fillers complement botox so well in the wonderful world of non-surgical rejuvenation. They remove wrinkles and folds, they contour and shape the aging face,they correct facial assymetries,  they help to create  the non-surgical facelift and they fight side by side […]

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