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Metro: How long does it take for fillers to dissolve, what are they made of and are they dangerous?

Following the ‘news’ that Kylie Jenner will be returning to her natural lip shape, we’ve got a lot of questions about fillers. Plastic surgery has been on everyone’s minds recently, what with the surgery shaming of Megan from Love Island, increasingly popular TV adverts for surgery and now Kylie’s announcement. But what actually are fillers? […]

11, July, 2018neekmilo_x186r333

Harper’s Bazaar: Dissolving lip fillers? An aesthetic doctor explains what you need to know

As Kylie Jenner admits she “got rid of” all her lip filler, injectors weigh in on the ‘natural’ look Kylie Jenner’s lips have got everyone talking again – this time because the make-up mogul revealed on Instagram that she “got rid of all” her fillers, in response to a fan mentioning how different she looked […]

11, July, 2018neekmilo_x186r333