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Aesthetics Journal: Comparing Medical Aesthetics in Croatia and the UK

Dr Nikola Milojevic compares modern medical aesthetics in Croatia and the UK. Being the owner of two aesthetics clinics, one in Zagreb, Croatia and one in London, I can compare two very different countries and approaches to aesthetic medicine. I split my time between the two countries, which I think has made me a better […]

08, March, 2018neekmilo_x186r333

10 Years Younger

Dear bloggers and aesthetic news fans. To open up this news item, here are two famous quotes on ideas and stolen ideas: “Eureka! – I have found it!” Archimedes (Mathematician and inventor of ancient Greece 280-211bc) “Don’t worry about peaople stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s […]

26, March, 2009Grga Borac