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Plastic Surgery Abroad– 5 star medical aesthetic tourism with a difference

Below is a favourite old blog, which I have updated a little. We now have clinics in both Harley street and in Zagreb, Croatia, so our 5 star aesthetic medical tourism is very much up and running, and what a success it has been! Here is the updated blog: As promised in my last blog […]

09, June, 2011neekmilo_x186r333

Vaser lipo – the minimally invasive ultrasound liposuction miracle…

At last!! It is finally here!! Vaser Lipo, the miracle  for body shaping and body thinning!! I say miracle, as it manages to achieve results that were previously thought to be impossible with methods such as classical liposuction and laser lipolysis methods such as Smartlipo. At the beginning of this blog I did say :” […]

12, November, 2010neekmilo_x186r333