Tatler – Post pregancy beauty

Nick Milojevic was mentioned in an article about women’s beauty after giving birth.

Now that I can see past my tummy to my legs, I have noticed unsightly thread veins on my calves and ankles.  Pregnancy weight, hormonal changes, high heels, leg-crossing and too little excersise are to blame, says cosmetic doctor Nick Milojevic at the Lifestyle Clinic.  He advised tiny injections called sclerotherapy that melt the veins, but he said mine were so faint they weren’t worth worrying about.  I do like a doctor who sends you away without unnecessary treatments, although I was tempted by the vial of Botox sitting on his desk.

Nicola Formby writing for Tatler (April 2008, page 165).

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10, April, 2008Grga Borac