The Daily Mail – Latest Milo clinic press coverage – Dr Nick Milojevic comments on Helen Mirren’s new look

Dear Readers


Here is the latest press coverage for the Milo Clinic and Dr Milojevic. He is often called by the press to comment on our celebrities and stars and this time he was asked whether Helen Mirren , who was seen in a US shop   sporting a bandage and scarf around her face, had had a face lift.

We always like to cooperate with the press, so we commented but we were fair. It was very difficult to be 100% certain , but there were some tell tale signs. And you know what dear reader, so what if she did have a little tuck?! Our favourite actress, our “Queen”, has every right to make the use of all the wonderful modern non-surgical and surgical procedures available, if she wants to…

Oh and another thing, we wish that these journalists would start getting our doctor’s surname right!! It is Milojevic, and NOT Milojovic as this article would have it… Shame, we googled it, and Dr Nick Milojevic’s name was misspelt from Biejing to Mumbai, as the world’s press carried this story!!

Here is the full article, and just type in Dr Milojovic into google, you will find many similar ones!!!!!

27, October, 2012Grga Borac