The new A-List Nip/Tweaks- The latest Milo clinic press coverage in Look magazine

We are proud to announce that  Dr Nick Milojevic was once again featured in the UK press last week in the top selling  Look magazine. Hot on the heels of last month’s Milo clinic coverage in Grazia , Look  again covered Dr Milojevic’s pioneering tear trough treatment, also known as Non-Surgical eyebag removal. The article covered 6 of the new “nip/tweaks” popular with the A-listers, and in fact Dr Milojevic was originally contacted as the leading UK surgeon for 3 of them: non-surgical eye bag treatment, baby botox, and  nose shaping procedures, and  helped the Look journalist put together all 3 topics. However, as you will see  for one reason or another, Dr Milojevic was eventually only specifically mentioned for one of them, but more on that and the fickleness of magazine editors in our latest blog. Just click on: , to read more about this… All very interesting stuff!!

You can find the full article scanned in below. Stacy Whitham is our very own patient, and you can see her before and after photos on our website.

As a small preview to the blog, the baby botox section credits Harley Medical Group as the experts, but guess who originally pioneered this procedure at the Harley Medical Group, and guess who helped the journalist write this piece…



03, May, 2010Grga Borac