Thought of the month – July – What is the best treatment for excessive sweating? Botox!

Thought of the month is a new feature we are adding from this month to the Milo clinic blogs. Here you will find a clever idea from the world of medical aesthetics every month,  and we will try to make it relevant to the time of year.

Enjoying the summer heat? However, is sweating a big problem? Underarm sweating ruining your clothes? Do you get embarassing hand  or facial sweating? Well we have a very simple answer and yes you have guessed it , it is botox!

Botox treatments for sweating are both revolutionary and life changing. The procedure takes only a few minutes, is relatively painless (except in the hands which can be quite uncomfortable), and you will be sweat free for more than 6 months.

The price at the Milo clinic for these procedures is from £600.

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