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I was recently featured in the London Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty guide 2009, which was indeed a pleasure and an honour , and the editors approached me as a result of wanting to talk about my blogs which they said that they had become big fans of. They said that they enjoyed reading them regularly, and that they actually often got the ideas for their aesthetic medicine features from my various musings. All very flattering, but I must say a reward for all those early mornings spent researching and writing my stories, surveys and thoughts on my Dell laptop. Yes it is again 5am, and my gorgeous son Max has woken me up early again (I forgive hime wholeheartedly), but what a great time to think and write a quick blog…(although Hana does seem to be stirring too, so have to write fast!)

 I have been quoted in the past as saying: ” Cosmetic beauty treatments are as old as mankind itself and yet we can now communicate the latest developments in our field through the most modern media such as blogs.” And I mean that.. In the old days, various plastic surgeons and ENT specialists around the world would have to write down their thoughts and research on some rickety old tipewriter, and then wait for the next plastic surgery conference or for their reserach to be published, often with a 6 month delay.. Well in this wonderful modern world, if I have an idea or a new development in aesthetic medicine I want to share, I just have to wait for a morning when my son wakes me up early, and off I go!!

So to commemorate the first 12 months of writing my blogs, here is the list of the top 5 aesthetic blogs so far. I have included some of the most popular blogs, as well as some personal favourites. Thank you, for all your support guys:

1. “What is the best Dermal Filler?” ————— This blog has been by far the most popular of my blogs, and even though written back in November 2008, around 500 readers still read this survey blog every month. As a result of it’s popularity, my intention is to write similar survey blogs such as: What is the best Chemical Peel? , What is the best Laser Lipolysis machine? and Who is the best Aesthetic doctor? But until those are written, here is that “golden oldie”:

2. “Aesthetic Medicine-Past, Present and Future (Part 1 & Part 2)”—————- Ah yes this is a personal favourite of mine, but because it was one of the first blogs I wrote, not as many people read it as I would have liked. So here’s another chance. It was a long blog, so I broke it down into two parts, and the reason I love it so is that I probably imparted the most of my heart and soul for this blog. Do read it, it talks about my personal history as well as of the history of aesthetic medicine itself. It is an interesting and funny blog: and

3. ” 10 years younger” ————— A recent blog, describing how I almost became as famous as Bruce Forsyth or Jonathan Ross! Oh well, I may have to settle for Mylene Class :

4. ” Like a botox virgin “————- Looking back, I really like this blog and the reason it’s in the top 5 is that it’s probably the one I quote to patients more than any other and there are two main reasons for this really:  (a.) Every time  a patient comes in for the first time for a botox treatment, they always look and act just how I described them in this blog. Nervous, excited, apprehensive… (b.) It’s a blog which I wrote over 6 months ago, and yet there is a promise to my readers in there which is still just a promise!

5. “Botox Credit crunch?”—————Yet another very popular blog, achieving many hits every month. It is a popular blog for very obvious reasons , and it’s a question I get from patients every day. “Are you affected by the credit crunch?” Unfortunately,   I often get the sense that some of the patients asking this questions almost want me to say : ” Yes indeed the business is very slow, we may well be closing down soon!”. However, I am happy to say that we are busier than ever! How long will that last? Lets hope forever, I am keeping EVERYTHING crossed!! This blog  explains why our industry is such a survivor:

More soon I promise, I have so many topics in my mind, just not enough time! Lets hope for more early mornings, but for now, time to feed the children…

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