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Breast AugmentationThe shape and size of the breasts are a big part of a woman’s physical and also psychological identity. Unhappiness about ones small and underdeveloped breasts is not only a product of vanity but more out of a wish for a more womanly and more sexy figure. This is the most popular operation in the world of aesthetic plastic surgery.

The modern era of breast silicone implants started in 1963 when Dr. Cronin first developed the silicone bag – an implant filled with a viscous gelatinous mass which can very successfully be placed in the breast.

The sizes of the implants vary from 100 cm3, and all the way up to huge 1000 cm3 implants, but it is interesting to note that women in Europe tend to want a smaller increase in breast size, and indeed this is a modern trend of the 21st century. On the South American continent, it is still popular to use larger implants, with over 350 cm3, being a very popular size.

The implants are soft and indeed the modern implant is shaped anatomically, so that after the operation the touch and feel of the breast is very natural, and breast feeding is very much possible after the operation.

For alternative methods of modern breast augmentation do read our page on Fat transfer into the breasts using Vaser Lipo technology.

Breast augmentation usually requires cosmetic surgery, and unfortunately we do not provide breast augmentation in our London clinics, but we do in our clinics abroad, which actually could work out cheaper!

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