Decolettage Rejuvenation Treatment

Even though we are trying so hard to stay looking young, our real age can be revealed by the look of your aging hands, neck and decolletage. Our hands, with the seeping sands of time, lose volume, the veins on the hands become more prominent and those tell tale age spots appear.

By injecting the cutting age hyaluronic acid “skinboosters” Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital light, we give the hands back their volume, we hide the veins and we once again give hands their elasticity of youth.

The treatments are quick and painless. They are performed through small needles, and indeed can also be injected via a special meso-gun. We often call this treatment “medical mesotherapy”.

3 treatments, with gaps of 2 weeks between each treatment are necessary. We hence induce your skin to produce natural collagen, and the final results are truly great.

The same goes for the decolletage area. After these skinbooster treatments, the wrinkles disappear, the skin is more elastic, and thos “morning wrinkles” no longer appear.

In addition, so that we can perfect these results, we use Obagi Nu derm creams to remove age spots from the hands and chest. The results are very effective indeed.



Decolettage Rejuvenation
Decolettage Rejuvenation

Jawline, neck, skin and hand rejuvenation using hyaluronic acid fillers and skinboosters (skin rejuvenation in second part of film):

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