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decolettage-newHair loss and androgenic alopecia

To find the cure for baldness, prevent hair loss or find a “magic wand” for fine hair is undoubtedly a challenge for the researchers and physicians for a long-time now. Surgery has yielded a hair transplant method, and the advanced surgical method F.U.E. (engl. Follicular-Unit Extraction) is less aggressive because the scalpel is not used, and so there are no scars, but this is nevertheless a surgery with all the risks and side-effects.

PRGF treatment for baldness and alopecia

Being that the blood plasma treatment proved to be so good, a few years back the research was done on its application to the scalp as well. The research showed that the blood plasma treatment works in male and female alopecia, and the regular baldness, even when it is genetically conditioned. The PRGF treatment with your own blood plasma stimulates the renewal of blood vessels and the hair itself, because of the concentrated growth factors that are injected into the scalp. The method is the same as in the skin rejuvenation and it proved very effective in treatment of baldness and receding hairline. Policlinic Milojević, among the first in Europe, implements that new method that will change lives for many.

Both women and men equally suffer

Although medicine says that the hair loss in men and women is a normal physiological occurrence, many still see it as trouble that significantly influences quality of life, in both sexes. Of course, the research shows that women are more sensitive to the increased hair loss. It is a relatively common disorder that impacts about 50% of men and a somewhat smaller percentage of women older than 40. Thinning of hair in men (or androgenic alopecia) is primarily characteristic for the males and is mostly genetically conditioned. Thinning of hair in women is of the same origin, but the clinical picture is somewhat different. But, in both men and women, hair loss and receding hairline is characterized by the progressive shortening of the hair growth cycle and hair follicle reduction, which leads to gradual follicle deterioration. In addition to the genetically conditioned and physiological hair loss, the most common cause is the seasonal hair loss, iron deficiency, thyroid disorder or certain medications. So far, the treatment method was the local application of Minoxidil, which is effective in 30% of the patients, but with the notable side-effects such, as the irritation, folliculitis and a possible increased hairiness on other parts of the face and body. Finasteride tablets are less popular, because their common side-effect is loss of libido, and besides, only men can be taking them.

Safe and effective solution to baldness

Because of this all, today the patients are looking for the treatments that have a minimum risk and have no side-effects. And this is exactly what the plasma treatment is. Your blood is centrifuged and the plasma rich in platelet is extracted therefrom. After that, it is injected into the skin, and the growth factors are released from the platelet, and the platelet is already known to stimulate the proliferation of stem cells and extend the hair growth phase. After the treatment, the hair is more dense, thicker, and of a better quality, and the research shows also the increased number of follicular units, which proves the real effectiveness of the treatment. The treatment is more effective for men in the initial phase of hair loss, and for women in all of the phases. For optimal results, 3 plasma treatments are necessary in 3-week intervals.

In addition, it can be combined with the scalp mesotherapy. This means injecting into the scalp a cocktail of different vitamins that stimulate hair growth. Vitamin B and hyaluronic acid stand out among them, so the treatment is ideal for fighting hair loss, for dry, damaged, lifeless hair and the hair with persistent dandruff. The treatment should be done every 7-10 days, and 10 injectings are necessary for optimal results.

Finally, click and see why the PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factor) is the only plasma treatment that holds the licence in the EU for the skin rejuvenation.

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