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VISIA – a top-notch system for skin analysis

VISIA Beauty is a fundamental necessity of every person, and skincare is a must. The skin is the largest human organ, and years of damage caused by external factors such as the sun, smoking, pollution, diet, as well as natural aging leave their mark on the skin, altering its structure and appearance. Skin analysis is therefore crucial for aesthetic medicine, because it provides diagnostically detailed insight into its condition, and is a tool that helps both you and us to heal damage and prevent aging.

The new, seventh generation of VISIA systems provides a much better analysis of aesthetic and problematic skin. The module is designed to slowly rotate around the person, thus simplifying the recording process, and making it pleasant for the client. Our improved software quickly captures and automatically identifies skin type, with detailed facial features, and much more.

Reliable results

VISIA has a large built-in database of all skin types, and information on how to properly nurture each one of them. For this reason it will be much easier for our clinic staff to recommend products and treatment for you.

Anyone who cares about their skin has already experienced the importance of using products adapted to their skin type, just as your skin type and/or skin problems determine which treatments you should apply to improve your condition.

Personalised results

After VISIA examines your skin, you will receive detailed results on the state of your skin, as well as recommended treatments. In this way you will learn what you need, and our staff will have a valuable tool to help you solve your problem.

Keep in touch

With the help of the ViewMyConsult option, we are able to keep in touch with you and suggest aesthetic treatments based on your skin condition. You can see your pictures and treatment recommendations, as well as how the treatment is progressing. You will receive a password for a secure web portal intended only for VISIA users.



TRUSKIN AGE® is a specially programmed technology that provides a complete skin diagnosis and monitors the aging process. It also contains a guide for selected skincare products as well as recommended aesthetic treatments.

Reliable results

VISIA has patented standards for skin analysis. It is the largest skin database in the world that enables us to analyse and compare your results with other similar ones. Pigmentation spots, wrinkles, elasticity, pores, redness, acne, broken capillaries, and damage as a result of excessive sunlight or an illness – VISIA diagnoses all this and offers precise instructions on how to solve your problem(s).

Useful comparison

The comparison of results and combination of viewing your problems from different angles and points in time, with the help of graphs and numeric data, gives you an advantage in the choice of skincare or aesthetic treatments. Despite the comparison, everyone is different and unique.

Seductive lashes

Eyelashes are important, aren’t they! Would you like to have seductive lashes? VISIA analyses the condition of your lashes and recommends treatments to make them irresistible. All this is scientifically supported through numbers and detailed graphics.

3D view

VISIA provides a three-dimensional view of the surface of your skin from all angles. In this way we get a true and natural skin type, with colour and shade.

Aging simulation

The VISIA system has the option of showing how you will look in 5-7 years, how many flaws you will have, where you will have more wrinkles, or where other problems will arise. A perfect means of prevention! Why wait for aging to happen when we can prevent it.

Every movement

If you were to meet VISIA at a party, and if she told you how she saw every single tiny mimic on your face and every grimace you made, you would say: “Goodbye!” But, if you want to preserve a fresh, vibrant, and youthful look on your skin then such information is of great value to you. You do not need to face the facts right away, because you have the opportunity to come back to them later, and do something about it at that time.

What type are you?

Our advanced software automatically detects your skin type, analyses it, and recommends what to do to improve it.

iPad Application

All the analyses and suggestions you get after your VISIA scan will be available on your iPad, giving you time for thought and (re)consideration.

I have control

After your VISIA analysis you will stay in touch with the polyclinic which will give you advice on care and treatment. You will have received your password for the secure web portal where you can see your photographs, recommendations, and treatment progress, and so you can decide what suits you best, in the comfort of your own home.


In medicine we know that an informed client is the best patient. VISIA is an excellent educational tool. It provides clients with a wealth of information, but also puts your expectations into a realistic framework.

This treatment is only available in our Croatia Clinic. Read more about our medical tourism service.

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