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aging-faceAs we age, the rate in which our bodies produce the natural substances that keep our skin hydrated and firm decreases. Along with frequent exposure to the sun, air pollution and everyday stress, the ageing process is inevitable. An ageing face can be identified in a number of ways with fine lines, overall sagging of the skin, loss of volume, open pores, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and drying skin all being signs.

The signs of ageing can be seen in persons from around the age of 25 and can be identified in both men and women.

To delay the ageing process, it is vital that a person drinks plenty of water on a day to day basis, uses quality skin products and avoids excessive sun exposure.

Dr Nick Milojevic is one of the leading experts in Europe for treating the ageing face. With extensive experience with over 30,000 performed cases of Botox and fillers over a period of 12 years, using a wide range of treatments, he uses his very own pioneering treatments and combination of treatments,  for a seamless prevention of ageing and treatment of the ageing face.

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