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GP Fast – The most effective diode laser for painless hair removal

Fast-Diode-LaserNew technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine are extremely important because innovations provide patients with better quality results in a shorter period of time. We are exceptionally proud that our Polyclinic is the first in Croatia to offer painless treatments with the most advanced GP Fast Diode and Alexandrite lasers. These two cutting-edge technologies allow us to treat a wider variety of hair types (thin, thick, dark, light…), and now it is possible to undergo treatments even during the summer months. The GP Fast diode laser set new standards for painless laser hair removal and its mobile mode of operation.

The company General Project (where our Med Contour Multipower comes from) and its 25 years of experience has developed an innovative hair removal technology: a diode laser with two applicators: 808 nm wavelength allows the laser rays to penetrate deeper into the dermis after which it absorbs melanin; and a hand-held applicator with 760 nm wavelength for an easier and perfectly painless treatment of dark skin and even thin and light-coloured hair.

Safe, effective, painless, and easy to use, the GP FAST diode laser 808 is the simplest solution for hair removal.

GP FAST diode laser is an innovative laser hair removal machine for the safe and quick removal of all types of unwanted hair. The system is built of high quality components to provide optimal performance and durability.

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Advantages of the GP FAST diode laser:

  • A safe and effective method of painless hair removal.
  • Very short treatment duration.
  • Integrated cooling system – very pleasant treatment.
  • Includes 2 applicators for all skin types, even light and thin hairs.
  • Contains two laser wavelengths and predefined programs for individually tailored treatments and better results.
  • Operates “in motion”, with no gel, to ensure a truly fast mode of operation, which due to its integrated cooling system is completely painless and leaves no unwanted after-effects on the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • The device is suitable for treatments in the summer and on dark skin.
  • No recuperation is required after treatment, nor is the skin red.
  • The programs are set in advance according to phototype.
  • An integrated screen on the applicator enables continuous monitoring during treatment and an easy selection of parameters.

Milo Clinic: FAST DIODE Laser hair removal

This treatment is only available in our Croatia Clinic. Read more about our medical tourism service.

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