Laughter Lines Treatments

wrinklesLaughter lines are lines that form around the eyes and the mouth. Medical professionals often refer to laughter lines as nasolabial folds.

The development of laughter lines forms from years of recurring muscle contractions.  The muscles that lie beneath the skin consistently push the skin into a folding motion which etches lines into the skin itself.

As we age, the skin is more susceptible to gaining fine lines.  It loses its elasticity and the tissue loses its volume and begins to detach itself from the muscle. The combination of these factors causes the skin to sag and it becomes increasingly difficult for it to bounce back from everyday damage.

To help avoid laughter lines, it is crucial that a person adopts a good nutritional diet, drinks plenty of water follows a quality facial routine and avoid frequent sun exposure.

Dr Nick Milojevic has been named as the Botox King by many of the U.K. Media in the past and often tops doctor lists for Botox and fillers in magazines and newspapers such as Tatler, Grazia and The Daily Mail, making him a leading authority in treating lines around eyes and nasolabial lines.

We provide the following treatments for Laughter Lines:

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