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Are you bothered by large hips or tummy, and yet your breasts have started to sag, have never been big enough, or indeed have become smaller after breast feeding?

This wonderful procedure really does have the answer, so why not take the fat out of where you do not want it, and put it where it will look perfect.

The fat removed with Vaser Lipo is so perfect and undamaged, that a transfer into the breasts can give very natural and long lasting results.

This procedure is done under local anaesthetic, and leaves no scars! It is hence rapidly taking over from silicone implants as the leading way to enhance and lift your breasts.

Fat transfer into the breasts also involves liposuction somewhere else, so it is two procedures in one!



fat transfer into the breasts

Above is an example of a fat transfer into the breasts performed at Poliklinika Milojevic in Croatia, and it is to show how even in a fit lady with no apparent fat to harvest, we were still able to achieve significant results with only 75ml of fat in each breast. We do fat transfer breast augmentation as well as surgical breast augmentation treatments.

Fat transfer pricing

At our partner clinic in Croatia, this procedure will cost you as little as only 30-40% of UK prices and will be performed by one of Europe’s foremost plastic surgeons.



fat transfer
fat transfer
fat transfer

Unfortunately our fat transfer to buttocks and for breast augmentation services aren’t currently provided by us in the UK, but is abroad, with great discount.

This treatment is only available in our Croatia Clinic. Read more about our medical tourism service.

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