Thin Skin Treatments

2C4A0949Thin skin is very fragile and is a condition that is often found in skin that is ageing severely. Thinning skin can easily be recognised as it is sagging immensely, holds veins that are easily noticeable and the capillaries are very evident. These symptoms are also commonly found in the hands.

The thinning of the skin around the face ensues when cell renewal begins to slow down with age. The cell renewal process is crucial to the overall rejuvenation of the skin and if this process begins to decline, then the skin will soon lose its elasticity. The fatty cells in the skin also begin to lose their firmness which often leads to hollow areas. Collagen ensures that the skin is firm and plump in both fell and appearance. As we age the skin loses its collagen. This is a key cause of thinning skin.

Thinning skin is apparent in both men and women and can be delayed with a quality skincare routine, plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and a healthy diet.


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