Loose Skin Treatments

aging-skin-loose-skinAfter rapid weight loss, many people are left with unwanted loose skin. Our skin adapts to weight gain by stretching and expanding, but it has limited ability to tighten and snap back once that excess fat is gone.

Over time your skin’s elasticity weakens and your abdominal muscles, which are largely responsible for how toned your abdomen is, become stretched.

Some people are more susceptible to excess skin than others. Your skin’s ability to bounce back depends on multiple factors, including age, the quality of your skin tone, genetics and the amount of weight lost. Extremely dramatic weight loss does not give your skin time to adapt and shrink to your new shape.

Even after losing weight, loose skin can have a negative effect on self-esteem. It can also be uncomfortable to carry around excess skin as it can cause chafing and rashes.

We at Milo Clinic provide professional treatments for loose skin, ranging from botox injections to skin tightening loose skin treatments.


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