Brigitte Macron – The new fashion and beauty ikon of our era

Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron, the new fashion and beauty ikon of our time, is the wife of the new president of France, Emmanuel Macron who in these turbulent economic and political times as well as a crisis in the EU, has become one of the most important men and politicians in the world. Apart from his glittering business career and successful political career, he has drawn attention from the the general public, for his private life, more specifically because of his much older wife. All eyes and cameras are pointed at Brigitte. She is followed in her every step: what is she wearing, what does she look like, does she have wrinkles, has she had any aesthetic treatments? Lips? Cheeks? Is she using sun protection? How did a woman who is 25 years older, win the heart of one of the most important men in Europe? There are many prejudices at hand, and ineed many stereotypes!

Brigitte Trogneux was born in Amiens in France, on the 13th of April 1954., daughter to a chocolate factory owner and the youngest of 6 children. The cholocate factory exists to this day, named »Jean Trogneaux». Brigitte has 3 children from her first marriage, two of them older than president Macron, one of her sons a cardiologist. At high school she taught Emmanuel Macron literature and she led drama classes of which he was a member. So, when they met he was only 15 years of age. There was an instant attraction, but allegedly there was not sexual contact until Emmanuel reached his age of consent. In Brigitte’s own words: « It was a secret love, often hidden, often misunderstood, until it simply imposed itself».

Of course, with her projection to fame and into the critical eye of the world press and the general public, criticism of her appearance, wrinkles and her informal style of clothing was not far away. But let us not forget, these criticisms are not pointed at you, and generalisations are often unfair and hurtful. Who are we to judge? Do we really know who Brigitte is? Can we truthfully be critical of her path to love with Emmanuel Macron? Could we have had the same path? Would it be more acceptable to us, if it was he who was 25 years older? It was he who had wrinkles? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially in the matters of the heart. So if you are expecting a critical tone from this blog, please read somewhere else, as I will most certainly be full of praise for this most obviously special woman, destined for great things, many of which we have not, I am sure, witnessed yet. Let us not forget that she was a pillar of strength to her husband it beating and keeping at bay the rise of the politics of the extereme right. And her energy and support will be very much needed in the increasing fight with terrosrism and the big job for strenghtening the EU.

As a leading expert in aesthetic medicine, ever since Brigitte Macron became interesting and known, I get asked by friends and patients, if I think she has had any aesthetic treatments, has she had too little, has she had too much? In my opinion, she is a wonderfully charismatic woman, who looks great for someone aged 64, trust me! She looks natural, and with her very own style of clothing, she indeed looks and gives the impression of a younger woman. Yes, some specific signs of aging are very visible, but they do not bother me in her case. One small piece of criticism would be that she has strong signs of sundamage on her skin, and perhaps we could send her an SPF 50 from Obagi, so she can start protecting the skin, from the harmful 21st century sun!
So. The 10 million dollar question… Did she have some aesthetic treatments or not? The answer is definitely yes, but not too much, subtle small treatments in my opinion. If you google search images of Brigitte, you will see some photos with strong wrinkles around the eyes, which magically disappear on others. No this is not photoshop, but I suspect that the magical hands of botox are at hand! Also, she is a thin woman, and combining this and her age, it is a normal process of aging that she should have lost volume in her cheeks, jawline and lips. I call it the «syndrome of the deflated baloon». We lose volume in the face, the skin loses elasticity, and with gravity it sags. Hyaluronic acid fillers, seemlessly and naturally, in the hands of an experienced doctor, give back the volume and turn the clock back, naturally. Brigitte Macron, must have the best experts at her fingertips (many of my great colleagues, aesthetic doctors practice in Paris) and again if we study her most recent Google photos, I definitely feel that some of the volume has returned to her cheeks and lips.

My advice for her? As I already stated, her biggest problem is her sundamage, so apart from advising her to protect herself from the sun, I would go about repairing her sundamage, and modern aesthetic medicine offers many options. From medical mesotherapy using products such as the and exciting Juvederm Volite or Skinboosters from Restylane, to genuine dermal roller and dermal stamp treatments, to combining these treatments with PRGF blood plasma treatments rich in growth factors, which literally wipe away old sundamage. In addition Obagi Nu derm treatments would help her, as they erase all pigmentations, leaving the skin pristine and smooth. I also advise gentle «no trace face» treatments with the brilliant and everalsting botox and dermal filler treatments.

Did she have any other, bigger treatments? Maybe, but irrelevant! We will keep a close eye on the new icon of the 21st century, as over the coming years she starts approaching her 70th birthday. But I am sure that she will always remain this dignified lady, who next to her powerful and important husband, will always be bursting with charm and energy. And doctors such as I, will always follow her in the background, invisibly!

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