Month: May 2009

Can Botox Treat Depression?

Good old dear old botox… Since the Doctors Carruthers accidentally discovered that botox can reduce wrinkles on the face all those years ago ( indeed aesthetic botox only recently celebrated it’s 20th birthday in style!), the applications of botox have gone from strength to strength. In recent years, we have started using botox for conditions as differing as underarm […]

12, May, 2009neekmilo_x186r333

Top 5 Blogs so far

I was recently featured in the London Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty guide 2009, which was indeed a pleasure and an honour , and the editors approached me as a result of wanting to talk about my blogs which they said that they had become big fans of. They said that they enjoyed reading them regularly, and that they […]

12, May, 2009neekmilo_x186r333