Latest Press Coverage- Jutarnji List newspaper discusses Vaser Lipo with us- the first Vaser in Croatia

Dear Readers

Read our latest coverage in the Croatian press. Dr Milojevic’s return to the Croatian aesthetic market has attracted a lot of attention in the press over there, not least because of his father Prof Bosko Milojevic’s huge reputation and legacy in Croatia, and also due to Dr Nikola Milojevic’s reputation and extensive experience in London. In this article, Dr Milojevic discusses the miracle of body contouring and shaping that is Vaser Liposelection, the “utrasound assisted liposuction miracle”.

Dr Milojevic , Milo clinic and Poliklinika Milojevic are proud to be the very first to bring this technology to Croatia. We are told that ours is the first such machine in the whole wider region, encompassing many countries. The article in the PDF document below is in croatian, so for the pure english speakers, enjoy the miraculous before and after photos.

To read, click on the following PDF scanned copy of the newspaper article: The Jutarnji List Article

28, February, 2011Grga Borac