Like a Botox Virgin

Madonna and her fabulous “Sticky and Sweet” concert  at Wembley stadium a couple of weeks ago inspired me to finally write this blog. I have been meaning to write on this topic for a long time , and it was Madonna’s energy , magnificent stature and faultless beauty which took my eye , and her iconic song : ” Like a Virgin” gave me a topic for a perfect blog.

My then 38 week pregnant wife Suncana (baby Max is now 10 days old and thriving!) , commented  as Madonna strutted her stuff to an updated version of “Get into the Groove” , that she couldn’t believe that the woman on stage was  50 years old! “When I am fifty I want to be like her !” she exclaimed.  Well there is no reason why she can’t be , good genes , a healthy lifestyle with plenty of yoga , good diet, sun avoidance and of course with a helping hand from me, she will hopefully look even better!

So back to the title of this blog and the question is: was Madonna strutting her stuff at Wembley stadium like a TRUE virgin? Somehow I don’t think so! But was she strutting her stuff like a TRUE botox virgin? Again, very unlikely!

The truth is , more and more of us are having botox and other aesthetic procedures every day , and as you might have seen in some of my press coverage, as well as the Channel 5 news interview , botox especially is becoming the very part of our every day lives, just like having a haircut or going to the dentist. Many of us are realising that botox is not scary , it is not dangerous and it is not platic surgery , and therefore more and more of us are losing our virginity.

The “botox virgin” always looks the same when they come into my clinic. An excited but nervous smile on their faces , the fear of the unknown and often the fear caused some of the negative press which they might have read , or TV shows which they might have seen recently. These include Jordan having botox on TV, with ridiculously oversized needles and screaming with pain , when those who have had botox will tell you that the needles are tiny, and it really doesn’t hurt very much. Their fears are hightened by TV documentaries such as Super Botox Me , which dramatise everything. Or the Lesley Ash documentary , which worried some of my patients due to it’s negative content, but  actually was quite a positive one , discussing regulation in our industry, but that’s for another blog.

The great news is that if you are a “botox virgin” , once you have had your first botox , you will love it and never look back, as is the case in well over 99% of my “first time botox” patients.

Well to the crux of this blog! I often get asked by my patients, especially the “first time” ones, if I have ever had botox, and here I have to make a confession.  I am a botox virgin!

Why haven’t I had any botox yet? Well I really don’t know.. The honest answer is that I do not really need it as yet, and most men only start their botox in their early 40s, which I haven’t reached yet. Men do tend to have aesthetic procedures later because they age differently to women , and more importantly because society considers the older  more rugged looking men as sexy , Mel Gibson and Sean Connery being good examples of this . Another reason is that I have just been too busy with my work and ever expanding wonderful family, and in addition would only trust myself to do the treatment . One more very good reason , I don’t know if any of you have had botox by any other aesthetic doctors, but some of them have had so many procedures done to themselves   that they are often a bad advert for their own work, such as a dentist with teeth which are too perfect and glitteringly white!

So how long will I stay a botox virgin? I don’t think it will be for too long , the sands of time are seeping away more and more rapidly , and those forehead wrinkles and  crows feet of mine are getting ever deeper , and I think that at some point I will have to ask Dr  Botox for a helping hand . You know , I am sure that for all his mature rugged looks  even 007 has broken his duck! As soon as I do finally break my duck, you will be first to know..

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