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Facial rejuvenation and body shaping trends presented in Dubrovnik

The world’s top aesthetic doctors gathered in Dubrovnik last month. The occasion of their gathering was the international aesthetic congress, The Aesthetic Medicine Congress (TAMC), which was held from 19 to 21 October in the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel. In collaboration with the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, it was organized by aesthetic physician Nikola Milojević. […]

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Prof. dr Boško Milojević – Pioneer and one of the co-creators of modern aesthetic surgery and medicine – 50 years of tradition of the Milo Clinic

  THE DOCUMENTARY ABOUT PROF BOSKO MILOJEVIC   It is difficult to truly describe my father, Prof. dr Bosko Milojevic, within just one blog. He was a special man, a great man, a visionary, a one in a million, touched by a kind of magic, and destined to be the best. We recently celebrated the […]

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Aesthetic Medicine – Past, Present and Future – “Vintage Blog”

After 7 years of aesthetic blogging, I have decided to bring you some vintage blogs I have written over the years. These “vintage blogs” will include some of my favourites and where start but with the first blog I ever wrote, back in July 2008 with the above heading. I am very fond of this […]

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Aesthetic Medicine – Past, Present and Future Part 2

Carrying on from my previous post… here is a little bit about my background and why I’m so passionate about my work. I was born in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. My father, Professor Bosko Milojevic was one of the finest plastic surgeons of his time and was the first doctor to open a private […]

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Aesthetic Medicine – Past, Present and Future Part 1

Welcome to the brand new and re-launched Milo Clinic website and to the first of many blogs. In my blogs I hope to share my experience and knowledge as well as interesting thoughts and opinions on the wonderful and ever evolving field of aesthetic medicine. So what is aesthetic medicine? Well, it is the newest […]

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